Our Ryo Racing Kart School courses includes in addition to learning the mastery of the course, racing karts, the theoretical areas such as technology of the racing kart (chassis, engine, carburetor, tires, racing), braking techniques, cornering techniques, driving techniques, etc.

After completing the kartschool each participant gets a certificate of Ryo Racing School and the possibility to change into the racing team.

We have set ourselves the task from scratch, to bring the children to the racing, and to convey them a comprehensive knowledge.
The kids should learn to handle success and failure. Likewise, they should understand that success is a result of hard work.
All this and much more are among the cornerstones of motorsport.

Our coaching staff, which consists mainly of experienced, internationally successful karting professionals, are looking forward to your visit.

Driving courses

  • Introductory course
  • After 20 minutes drive enrollment you are allowed to try a racing kart for about15 minutes under professional care.
  • Power Basic I
  • Basic skills, ideal line, controlled braking and accelerating, correct posture, working with the lap timer.
  • Power Pro II
  • Based on the power basic I course, correct drift, turn-in, timing / cam technology, different driving techniques, work with the telemetry data.
  • Power Extreme III
  • Based on the Power Pro II course, car set-up and their impact, adjusting the driving technique on the development of setups, video analysis

Special courses

  • Private Lessons
  • Course content will be tailored to the driver, the driver gets exclusively a team consisting of a mechanic and a coach.
  • Your own Kart
  • Course content can be freely chosen from the Power Basis I, Power Pro II und Extreme II, you use your own kart, The participant is responsible for the functionality.

Mechanic courses

  • Mechanic Basic I
  • Basic knowledge, basic kart setup, handling of racing karts, tire pressure, stabilizers, error / problem identification
    2 evenings each 2,5 hours
  • Mechanic Basic II
  • Based on basic I course, brakes-, track-, bearing setting, install axle /remove axle, excenter, seat mounting, steering, tire fitting
    2 evenings each 2,5 hours
  • Mechanic Expert
  • Operation of the kart chassis, Grip building/removing,to adjust set-up and the effect, carburator setting
    3 evenings each 2 hours